Drop-in, advice and activity centre for people who are homeless, looking for work, vulnerably housed or struggling with mental health or addictions. Housing and benefits advice, support, mentoring, signposting and referrals. Referrals to emergency and longer term housing. Breakfast, food parcels. Access to phone and computers. Showers, laundry. Cooking, computer, exercise and Faith Space groups.

We have close links with Detox and Rehab facilities and can help support individuals through the process. We also help with benefit issues and liaise with other agencies and utility companies.  We run activities and days out and have our own award winning garden.
Quote from Dave (pool table in red jumper
‘If it wasn’t for the Way Ahead Project I would still be stuck in the cycle of addiction. It has given me hope and they believed in me with encouragement and support.’
Contact details:
Yvonne Mckinnon
01926 883613