Tackling local homelessness and vulnerability requires immediate overnight relief and longer term action. Whatever the cause, mental ill-health, domestic issues, poverty, substance abuse or other misfortune, the LWS Night Shelter and the Salvation Army’s “Way Ahead Project” (WAP) are providing the immediate relief and on-going support that’s needed. Funded and resourced by voluntary effort and donations of cash, food and supplies these two charitable organisations are making inroads.

Guests at the recent Leamington Charity Ball held at Victoria House heard from representatives of the LWS Night Shelter, run by junior doctors, and the Salvation Army’s Way Ahead Project how their joint efforts are bringing hope and a sustainable future for those afflicted. A heart-warming case was that of
Colin (not his real name), homeless and an addict for several years who sought food shelter and company from LWS Night Shelter and then was supported by WAP into emergency rehabilitation and detox with local council help. Colin is now nine months ‘clean’ and counting!
WAP open for 237 days over the past 12 months has helped 430 individuals with 5,340 visits an average of 23 daily walk-ins. In 2018 the inaugural Leamington Charity Ball an initiative of ladies of Willes Road raised £850 for WAP. This helped with transport to hospitals and rehab assessments;
groceries and laundry products, securing ten birth certificates for ID to help with benefit claims and getting back into the workplace as well as three replacement locks for accommodation.
Further information on the work of WAP and the LES Night Shelter can be found following the links on this website.

In the garden at Victoria House Leamington Spa with charity
representatives Susan and Yvonne from LWS Night Shelter and WAP
together with the organising committee of Leamington Charity Ball

Guest speakers from Salvation Army’s
WAP and LWS Night Shelter